Using the E Mail Manager, built in in the Hepsia Control Panel you will be able to quickly be in charge of all of your e–mail accounts, no matter the number of sites you have. You can quickly sort mailboxes, enable anti–spam, set email forwarding with merely a mouse–click and create filters for one’s e–mail accounts. Thanks to the auto–configure scripts, you are able to effortlessly set up your mail client to function with any e–mail account you have. And that’s just a little part of what our E Mail Manager could help you with.


Built to keep spam away from you

No one wants junk e–mail within his email account. This is exactly why, we’ve created a customizable anti–spam solution depending on expertly devised algorithms that sort incoming emails and maintain the trash away.

You may choose among different degrees of security, depending on what type of unsolicited mail messages you have. Likewise, you can actually identify a special level of spam protection for other mailboxes. Finally, you may choose what will happen to mails flagged as spam – to be deleted or sent to a selected mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Direct messages from one e–mail account to a different one

We have managed to make it really easy for one to forward emails from a mailbox to another within your shared plans account. What you need to do is choose the email you’d like to have to forward and afterwards fill in the destination mailbox where you would like all the messages to get sent to.

You can also enable a duplicate of each forwarded message to be kept within the e–mail account which you have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Generate customized spam filters without any problem

Email filters are a tool you can easily work with. They function in a rather simple way based on key terms. All you should complete is identify the keywords and phrases that you would like the filter to apply and exactly which section of the mailbox these key phrases have to be found in for instance subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

Another way you can use email filters will be to reroute all trash messages towards a specific directory. Then you can further designate if you’d like the filtered e–mail messages to be stored in the directory (which means you can determine if some message is sent there by accident), it has to be deleted.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys and also SPF protection for your mailbox

We have applied measures to further shield all your e–mail accounts from spam activities. When using the SPF protection solution it is possible to identify the servers which are certified to deliver mail on behalf of your site. That way, emails appearing like they are out of your site that did not originated from your authorized set of servers will be instantly thrown to the spam folder.

We have also provided you with DomainKeys for the mail accounts inside your hosting account. DomainKeys is an email validation system that establishes the authenticity of the e–mail message by verifying the mail hosting server of the email sender in addition to the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Configure an e–mail address on your computer with a mouse–click

When you log into email account using your notebook computer or desktop, you almost certainly use an email client. To save you the trouble of having to manually add each new email account in your mail client, we’ve integrated smart ’auto–configure’ files. Simply get hold of the file and open it with the mail app – this will immediately configure your a mailbox within your preferred desktop client.

We now have auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook plus Outlook Express.

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Access your e–mail address through a web browser

When using the webmail software tool included in the Control Panel, you can access your mailboxes from every web–connected system across the world! With the webmail address that we give you, it is possible to log in any of your mailboxes created on our servers through virtually any web browser you have available.

There is also an additional way to access your mailboxes online. Just log in the Control Panel and within the webmail section, choose the mailbox you want to access and click on the RoundCube icon. This can immediately log you in your email address without having to post any type of login details.

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