Not too long ago, the cPanel Control Panel was an unquestionable front runner on the hosting marketplace. Its global recognition grew so large that nowadays cPanel is an analog of Control Panel. However, the cPanel Control Panel is constructed on dated ideas and what worked well eight years ago isn’t valid now.

This is exactly why, we came up with the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel, centered around the ideas of today and geared up for the trials of the foreseeable future. It has been meant to function in the cloud, to be straightforward and to enable you to control all aspects of your online presence: website, domain and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/billing/site adjustments

When using the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel you will be able to take care of all your websites, domain names and e–mail addresses from exactly the same location. You do not have to use any other payments or domain name user interfaces.

When you need individual Control Panel solutions – one for your web sites, and another from where you can manage your domain names and invoicing, then cPanel is perfect for you. Nonetheless, you’ll need to log into 2 URLs at the same time to successfully control your web presence.

2. File Structure

Using the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain will have its unique directory in the main hosting account directory. This way, all web sites are going to be fully isolated from one another.

If you try to look after a wide range of websites from one cPanel web hosting account, it could be truly perplexing. You’ll have one master website and all of the extra web sites and subdomains will be incorporated into its folder as subdirectories. If you want to have a separate folder for each website, you will need to use separate Control Panels for each of them.

3. File Manager

The MD Dot Ltd Control Panel provides a simple point–and–click File Manager, which allows you to publish data files by dragging them in your web browser. You’ll have instant access to all the characteristics by helpful right–click context menus. You can also make use of code and WYSIWYG tools. All capabilities are simple to access.

The cPanel’s File Manager will provide you with reduced control of your files and directories. You will have difficulty uploading multiple files at the same time and will not be able to drag and drop files because this functionality is not supported. An archive/extract functionality isn’t included either. File modifying applications have also been limited.

4. No–fee Bonuses

In case you are searching to obtain a better value for your money, then the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel is the best answer. It has free add–ons that are likely to cost over a thousand dollars. You’ll be able to utilize MD Dot Ltd’s Quick Website Installer, Apps Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Free Website Creating Tool and you’ll also find access to a huge selection of 100–percent–free web themes.

The cPanel Control Panel is propagated through a paid license and add–on bonus features are going to be included at an added price. This means, even if your service provider gives zero–cost benefits within the cPanel, their particular value is going to be contained in the price of your web hosting offer. Additionally, the quantity and sort of no–cost extras will be different from one hosting supplier to another.

5. Control Panel Tool Operational Speeds

The MD Dot Ltd Control Panel is built making use of the most current web related technologies. In this way, it uses fully the potential of your web browser and Internet access to assist you to take care of your sites fast. In our assessment tests, when performing similar tasks, our Control Panel achieved 3 times quicker speeds as opposed to competitive control panels.

The cPanel Control Panel is installed on 1000s of web servers, running on a wide range of software and hardware configurations. However, its common distribution brings about much slower and less secure performance when compared to alternative Control Panel solutions that are designed for just one platform only.

6. Multi–domain Management

With the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel, you are able to manage multiple domain names and web sites from just one location. Switching between domain management and website administration is performed just by going to a new section of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to sign into a different interface to manage your website.

With cPanel, it’s impossible to manage your domain names and your web sites from just one area, because the two interfaces are separated. You will have to log into 2 distinct places anytime you decide to change your domain settings and website file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Navigation

When using the MD Dot Ltd Control Panel, you are able to instantly navigate from one section to a different one utilizing our helpful top menu bar. It has links to every part of the Control Panel and also a brief description of everything that you can do there. In this way, even if you do not know very well what the name of the section indicates, you’ll have the capacity to fairly quickly get acquainted with its features.

In the cPanel homepage, you can see icons for all areas of the Control Panel. This means that, even though you never use a tool, you will still view it on the home page. Furthermore, to switch between the different sections, you always have to return straight back to the main page and afterwards go to an internal section.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

The MD Dot Ltd Control Panel has a full–featured demo account. All sections are offered to you and you’ll be able to work with them to create new e–mail accounts and data–bases, control your files, etc. If you enjoy how things look, you are able to enroll straight from our demo interface.

Through the demo account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll be able to solely get acquainted with look of its interface. Almost all features are disabled and you can’t in reality get past the main page. With most website hosting providers, you’ll be granted access to a generic cPanel demo version, and will never have the ability to look at the Control Panel you will actually be employing to manage your sites if you enroll.

We can mention each function of our Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. However, it will likely be a lot quicker if you just take a quick look at our live demo version and see the real difference all by yourself.

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